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The summer jig games are open for every devotee of jigging. There's one individual series on the contest. The age limit for getting into contest is 12. To join the contest follow the instructions given in the brochure.

Jigging is every man's right. The administrator has already got all the licences needed to jig, so the contestor doesn't need to pay them personally.

The competition time in the feeders and finals is always 3 hours. The maximum number of the feeders is 12. The max. number of contestors in a feeder is 25. To find out how to get to the finals, go to see the "pruning" page. The max. number of contestors in the A-Final is 25. The arranger keeps the right to change the number of feeders and link them if the number of contestors is low.

The arranger will get the contestors to their floats before the contest. The contest is started by the signal that the arranger gives. The contestors can't put any bait in the water before the signal given by the administrator. The contestors must take the jigs out of the water when the signal for ending the contest is given. After the contest is over, the contestors will be taken to the shore by the arranger for the weighing.

The jigging takes place in floats which are anchored on the lake Pudasjärvi. A float is 2.4 x 2.0 m wide and there's a hole in the middle of the float. All the fishing must be done through that hole. Every competitor will get his/her own float by drawing of lots. Changing floats is prohibited.

Competitors must use life-jackets the whole time of competition starting from the time they are moved to their floats. Competitors must bring their own seats and it is advicable to jig seated.

Competing under the influence of drink is prohibited. Taking alcohol to the float is prohibited as well as drinking before and during the contest. The administrator keeps the right to test the competitors if there's a reason to believe that they're under the influence of alcohol.

The arranger keeps the right to check competitors equipment before moving on to the float. If the competitor refuses the checking, he will be disqualified.

A contestor can get off the float during the contest only in case on emergency. That kind of a contestor will be disqualified.
The contestor must report about his intention to stop by shouting or making signs.

10§ The administrator can stop a contest any time because of a natural phenomena or other unpredictable situation. The jury will decide if the particular contest is continued later or not. The jury also has a right to change a time of a contest if the conditions are so bad that the contest can't start.

11§ Competitor can use only one rod at a time. A jig of two or more hooks is also prohibited.

12§ Any bait is allowed, but the bait must be attached to the hook. Throwing food or any bait to water is absolutely prohibited.

13§ Every fish that's legal counts. The positioning of contestors is solved by the weight of the whole catch. If two contestors have the same weight of catch, the contestor that has caught more fish wins. If the amount of fish is the same the winner will be decided by lottering.

14§ Any contestors participate the contest on their own risk.

15§ Any breaking of rules causes disqualification of the contestor. The decision to disqualify a contestor is made by the Jury.

16§ The arranger of the competition gathers a Jury, which includes a delegate of competitors. All protests must be made written to the jury not later than 15 minutes after weighing. So called protest fee is 20 euros which will be returned to the protestor if the jury decides that he's right. The Jury's decision is final and can't be appealed..

17§ Every contestor must know these rules and obey them.